Single Serve Coffee Bags Meticulously Crafted for Coffee Connoisseurs 

Developed by 200+ Baristas, 23 Cumulative Years’ Research 

Patented, Biodegradable Filter Pouches for Optimal Intensity and Freshness

Ready in Under 5 Minutes – Always, Anytime, Anywhere

Ready in 5 Minutes – Just Brew It

Top Baristas Agree it Tastes Like Premium Coffee!

Take the first step to a next-level coffee experience with Witch Coffee – Black Label – our ‘secret’ recipe to tasting gourmet, barista coffee in under 5 minutes!

Black Label Tasting Notes: Smooth, full-bodied, deep blackcurrant with creamy roasted truffle aromas and a well-balanced hint of berries.

Each single serve coffee bag uses a patented biodegradable filter to lock in the rich and sophisticated taste, for a cafe-quality experience.

To Serve: 

Brew in 150ml of boiling water for 3-5 minutes

Witch Coffee – The Black Label

A Premium Blend After Years of Research 

Through a collective 23 years of selecting premium beans & refining our ‘secret’ roasting technique, we developed the Black Label – a specialty, gourmet coffee blend.

Made from 100% sustainably-sourced Arabica beans, from high-altitude regions across Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia & Indonesia, working together to achieve a truly, unique & sophisticated blend.

Rediscover cafe-quality coffee at home, in the office, on holidays and camping trips.

Brew the Difference!

Each Single Serve Coffee Bag is 100% Biodegradable & Patented 

Our patented coffee bags are biodegradable and designed with specific micron structures for maximum permeability in both hot and cold water.

Taste the difference – discover the cold/hot infusion to suit your preferred beverage.

Each single serve coffee bag is individually packed which makes it ideal for work, camping and holidays.

Witch Coffee

Single Serve Coffee Bags – Cafe quality coffee – Ready in 5 mins – Get your pack of 20 individually wrapped pouches