Which coffee is best?

Witch Coffee is best!

Let our bewitching brews cast their spell on you!

We all know that life is too short to drink bad coffee – or even ordinary coffee! Increasingly, in our busy and complex world, time seems to be an ever-decreasing commodity.

Witch Coffee is that rarest of all creatures – a quality product which offers true convenience! Added to those impressive credentials is value for money – less than $1 per serve, and ready in under five minutes. A high quality brew which is quick and affordable – must be witchcraft, wicked witchcraft!

Actually, it’s simpler than that; it’s just a great product from a company with a great philosophy and ethos. We are based in Melbourne, Australia, and our team of coffee enthusiasts (read: fanatics!) has meticulously crafted a gourmet coffee blend, which connoisseurs (read: fanatics!) might define as bold, single origin and evocative. Our roasting technique is one of the secrets we use to craft our superb brew. Some of the unique characteristics of Witch Coffee include:

  • Simple to prepare – just add boiling water. No equipment or machines needed.
  • A robust, intense flavour worthy of the most accomplished barista.
  • Pouches are individually wrapped, with a natural gas that maintains freshness and optimal flavour.
  • Ideal for taking to the office, on picnics, or for a trip away – you don’t need to be separated from that fabulous coffee taste for even a moment!

During the uncertainty of the COVID pandemic, people are learning to appreciate the simple comforts of home – and coffee is undoubtedly one of those. You don’t have to miss out on cafe/restaurant quality coffee while staying in, you can have it in your own home with Witch Coffee. Even when dining out, it might start a new trend – BYO coffee. No corkage fee for this!

We are convinced that once you taste our coffee you will be coming back for more, and the added benefits of value for money, portability and convenience – as well as our sustainable, eco-friendly materials – will keep you spellbound.

Black Label – Tasting is believing!

Ready to bring a little magic into the everyday?

This premium quality brew is a unique blend of Arabica beans sourced from high altitude regions across Ethiopia, Indonesia, Brazil, and Columbia, lending it a sophisticated taste – strong, rich and intense, with a creamy, roasted truffle and floral aroma. This unique blend is the culmination of 23 years’ experience in selecting premium beans, grinding and roasting them to perfection.

The optimal flavour infusion ensures maximum satisfaction and enjoyment with each cup. Our Black Label coffee is individually packed in our patented micron biodegradable filter to retain the intensity of flavours and aroma that are associated with high quality coffee around the world.

Good for You, Good for the Planet!

Black Label Coffee – any better and it would be illegal!

Coffee has been given the green light from a number of health professionals, based on many different studies, chiefly because it is high in antioxidants. How often can you enjoy a healthy beverage that smells and tastes fantastic for less than $1 a cup?

The health benefits don’t end with you though – by choosing our coffee you are also choosing our patented, earth-friendly filter. The filters are made from natural fibres, are 100% biodegradable, and are specifically designed with maximum permeability to filter efficiently, whether hot or cold water is used.

Our obsession with great taste and a great coffee experience doesn’t compromise our sustainable focus on the welfare of the planet. After all, Earth gives us the coffee beans in the first place – this is one way of giving back!

Easy simple brew – Tips for Top Taste

Awaken your inner barista and turn your home or office into a coffee mecca by following the brewing methods from our experts

Some like it hot

Brewing method:

  • Place the coffee pouch in a cup and pour filtered boiled water (approximately 150ml or half a mug) over the coffee bag
  • Brew the coffee for 3 to 5 minutes, depending on desired strength
  • Remove the bag and enjoy!

Optional: Add milk and sugar for a velvety smooth latte finish or enjoy on its own as a long black or espresso.

Cold comfort

Brewing method:

  • Place the coffee pouch in a cup and pour filtered boiled water (approximately 300ml or a full mug) over the coffee bag
  • Brew the coffee and leave to cool down for about an hour
  • Remove the bag and enjoy!

Optional: Add ice or sugar for a refreshing iced coffee finish, or enjoy on its own. Perfect for the summer months!

Witch Coffee

We hope that our magical brew – the best home brew in Australia – can help to enchant your life just that little bit more