Gourmet Specialty Coffee Minus the Price Tag

Praised by Baristas and Coffee Connoisseurs Worldwide

Packed in Biodegradable Filter Pouches for Optimal Intensity and Freshness

Ready in Under 5 Minutes – Always, Anytime, Anywhere

Ready in 5 Minutes – Just Brew It

Top Baristas Agree it Tastes Like Premium Coffee!

Take the first step to a next-level coffee experience with Witch Coffee – Black Label, our ‘secret’ recipe to tasting gourmet, barista coffee in under 5 minutes!

Black Label Tasting Notes: Smooth, full-bodied, deep blackcurrant with creamy roasted truffle aromas and a well-balanced hint of berries.

To maintain freshness & optimal flavour with each serving, our individually wrapped pouches use a unique patented biodegradable filter and locked in with a natural inert gas that locks in the rich & sophisticated taste that’s normally derived from espresso machines.

Step 1:

Unpack and appreciate the single origin aroma

Step 2:

Place the Witch Coffee pouch into a cup & fill it with 150ml of hot water

Step 3:

Awaken Your Senses with every sip – Always Anytime Anywhere!

Witch Coffee – The Black Label

A Premium Blend After Years of Research 

Through a collective 23 years of selecting premium beans & refining our ‘secret’ roasting technique, we present to you the Black Label – a specialty, gourmet coffee blend made from Arabica beans, sourced from 4 different high-altitude regions across Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia & Indonesia, working together to achieve a truly, unique & sophisticated taste.

Within just 5 minutes of brewing it with hot water, discover the full-bodied roasted truffle aromas – followed by a strong, rich & creamy taste with every sip.

Rediscover barista approved coffee at home, in the office, on holidays and camping trips.

Great Taste – Even Better for the Environment

Each Pouch Is 100% Biodegradable & Retains Optimal Flavour

By choosing our coffee you are also choosing our patented, earth-friendly filter. The filters are made from natural fibres, are 100% biodegradable, and are specifically designed with maximum permeability to filter efficiently, whether hot or cold water is used.

Our Black Label coffee is individually packed in our patented micron biodegradable filter to retain the intensity of flavours and aroma that are associated with high quality coffee around the world. Taste the difference – the optimal flavour infusion ensures maximum satisfaction and enjoyment with each cup.

Witch Coffee

Barista approved coffee – Ready in 5 mins – Get your pack of 20 individually wrap pouches – Always Anytime Anywhere