Witch Coffee

About Us

We are based in Melbourne, and we know that life is too short to drink ordinary coffee. Our mission is very simple: to allow you to enjoy barista-approved, gourmet specialty coffee in the comfort of your own home, without having to purchase expensive machinery or visiting your local café/restaurant – saving you time and money, without compromising on the taste.

We spent 23 years on research, countless experiments and taste tests. To develop our blends, we sent our panel of coffee experts to many corners of the world to talk to the local farmers and taste different beans. During this extensive process, we sought additional feedback from seasoned coffee connoisseurs and baristas, to finally create and present to the community our Black Label and Gold Label brews.

We are passionate about sourcing ethically-traded, responsibly grown coffee from our farmers, and support sustainable, environmental and ethical coffee-growing practices.

Our obsession with great taste and a great coffee experience doesn’t compromise our sustainable focus on the welfare of the planet. After all, Earth gives us the coffee beans in the first place – this is one way of giving back!