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About Us

Witch Coffee – Awaken your senses

There is a scent every morning that heightens your senses and a taste that many
cannot start the day without. That unique aroma only comes from the perfect
cup of coffee. Our meticulously formulated premium coffee blend will awaken your senses
– always, anywhere, and anytime.

Our hand-picked panel of coffee enthusiasts have explored the four corners of the
world tasting the best single-origin over the past two decades. Now based in
Melbourne, Australia, a city that prides itself on its great coffee, we have successfully lived up to the standard. We have developed a unique, yet sophisticated selection of single-origin coffee, and perfected a roasting technique that brings together what coffee connoisseurs would define as bold and amazing. This unique best-kept secret blend can readily, consistently, and easily be brewed at home or at the office without any machines. A cup and freshly boiled water are all you need.  Discover the best home coffee that is both affordable and convenient. – Witch coffee.

Tasting is believing

Witch Coffee was established in 2018 and our beans are sourced from 100% authentic coffee gourmet beans. Our Labels beans are set in high-quality standards that have delighted many coffee enthusiasts around the world.

While we look forward to saving your day by giving you the boost you need to get
through, we also look forward to saving the planet. So not only is our filter perfectly
designed to deliver the best out of our coffee blend, it is made from natural fibres
making it 100% biodegradable.

While the importance of creating a sustainable product was high on our priority we
would never compromise on taste and quality. With our forward-thinking approach, we have been able to create a unique filter that is designed for our blend. The natural fibre meshes in accordance with the required permeability in both cold and hot water to help you achieve an optimal coffee brew. Which gives you the perfect infusion of flavours.

Enjoy responsibly and share the love and experience!

Witch coffee – Just brew it