Witch Coffee


The Coffee Experience – Free from Environmental Impact

Our high-quality, sustainably sourced Arabica beans are meticulously handpicked from four high-altitude regions in Ethiopia, Colombia, Indonesia and Brazil, directly from the farmers themselves.

We’re committed to ethical and sustainable practices, and have stringent processes to ensure our farmers are well-treated and paid fairly.

We source exclusively from regions that prioritise the preservation of their local ecosystems through the promotion of biodiversity and minimisation of harmful chemical usage.

Did you know? Global coffee production creates a whopping 23 million tons of waste per year. Aluminium coffee capsules generate nearly 40,000 tons of waste worldwide annually. Our coffee bags are 100% biodegradable and compostable so you can be well assured you’re giving back to the environment.

Coffee grounds emit methane (25 times more potent than carbon dioxide), and this is a significant contributor to global warming. Our Environmental Program is designed to educate and inspire consumers, e.g. how to repurpose coffee grounds to minimise carbon footprint.