Black Label


1 Pack: 20 Single Serve Coffee Bags (20 x 14g)

Equivalent to $1.49 per cup


100% Roasted Arabica Ground Coffee in our patented biodegradable filter

Tasting Notes: Smooth, full-bodied, deep blackcurrant with creamy roasted truffle aromas and a well-balanced hint of berries

Witch Coffee – Black Label is a unique blend of Single Origin coffee beans, meticulously crafted for coffee connoisseurs. The selection of beans is derived from high-altitude regions across Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia and Indonesia.

This unique blend is the culmination of 23 years’ experience in selecting premium beans, grinding and roasting them to perfection, to highlight the true characteristics, aroma and flavours of a great cup of coffee.  

Awaken Your Inner Barista at Home – Just Brew It 

Awaken your inner barista and turn your home or office into a coffee mecca by following the easy brewing methods from our experts.

✔ Have all your need to make rich, aromatic coffee without stepping foot outside your home or office 

✔ Save the hassle of lining up at your local coffee shop and paying exorbitant amounts of $$

✔ Premium tasting gourmet coffee without needing to purchase expensive coffee grinders, coffee machines or coffee drip machines

✔ Individually packed and easily portable – always, anytime, anywhere

The optimal flavour infusion ensures maximum satisfaction and enjoyment with each sip. Our Witch Coffee – Black Label is individually packed in our patented micron biodegradable filter to retain the intensity of flavours and aroma that are associated with high-quality coffee around the world. 


Hot Witch Coffee – Under 5 mins

The hot brew brings a depth of flavour and surrounds your senses with a quintessential coffee aroma.

Brewing method:

  1. Place the coffee pouch in a cup and pour filtered-boiled water (approximately 150ml or half a mug) over the coffee bag.
  2. Brew the coffee for 3 – 5 mins, depending on desired strength.
  3. Remove the coffee bag and enjoy!

Optional: Add milk and/or sugar or honey for a velvety smooth flat white or latte finish, or enjoy on its own as a long black or espresso.

Cold Witch Coffee – around 1 hour

The cold brew brings a smooth energy hit to refresh your perspective and leave a crisp finish.

Brewing method:

  1. Place the coffee pouch in a cup and pour filtered boiled water (approximately 300ml or a full cup) over the coffee bag.
  2. Brew the coffee and leave to cool down for about an hour.
  3. Remove the bag and enjoy!

Optional: Add ice or sugar for a refreshing iced coffee or enjoy on its own.





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