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Share your unique referral code to your friends so they can receive 10% off their order. As soon as they make their purchase, you receive a 10% reward of their total order. Use your rewards for more coffee or simply cash out. 

Each successful referral counts as an extra entry to win 1 year’s supply of Witch Coffee!  

Witch Coffee

Share & Win

Sharing is caring… and we believe it’s also a win-win situation.

We are confident that you have found this coffee amazing and want to share your discovery with friends and family with the Witch Coffee Rewards Program.

Your friends get 5 points (equivalent to $5) towards their first purchase, and as soon as they use their points, you also get 5 points. You can share (or refer) to as many people as you wish. It’s indeed a win-win situation! See how quickly your points add up, and accumulate as many as you wish.

Moreover, by joining the rewards program, you are automatically placed in a draw to win $300. Every successful referral is considered an additional entry, increasing your chances to win the prize… so it could be a WIN-WIN-WIN!

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To get started, simply generate your (free) referral link and send it to friends and family who may benefit from a daily boost of sensational coffee. As soon as they use your link and receive their $5 discount, you will get 5 points. You can even customise your referral link for a personal and creative touch. A sample referral link will look like this:

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